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  For Canadian Businesses - Export Financing
Canadian Government Departments and Agencies
Grants, Loans and Financing Government Services for Entrepreneurs
The Canadian Government Services for Entrepreneurs has developed an easy to use tool that can provide you with a custom list of Government grants, loans and various sources of financing specificly designed for the intended purpose of your financing, your business location, and your type of business.
Export Development Canada (EDC)
Export Development Canada EDC
The role of the EDC is to help Canadian companies sell beyond Canada’s borders, including to the United States. They do this by providing insurance and financing solutions to companies with export contracts. They also provide guarantees to banks so they are encouraged to provide their exporting customers with access to more working capital.
Exporting Resources

If you don’t currently have a contract to sell your goods or services internationally but are looking for information on how to start exporting, this is a great place to start:

Build an Export Strategy - Developing an export strategy is a crucial step in building your business plan. Learn about competitive strategies and how to build an export and business plan.

Aspects you need to consider when building your strategy:
- Distribution
- Industry resources
- Managing foreign exchange risk
- Patents and copyright
- Permits and regulations

Find Export Opportunities - As your export strategy is coming together, you need to research export opportunities. You'll also want to find the right markets for your products or services. Start by reviewing the markets where EDC has provided companies in that market with financing.

Access Support - You've got a plan and researched your potential markets thoroughly. Now you need a little support.
Here are some great resources:
- Associations
- Export counseling
- Financing
- Government organizations

How EDC Can Help Exporters

The EDC can support your export business if you have a contract with an international customer and are looking to:
- Protect against risk
- Free up working capital
- Grow your business outside of Canada

Foreign Investment Financing

Working in collaboration with your financial institution, the EDC can consider lending against foreign assets in many markets to support your expansion plans, including investments in equipment and facilities, as well as the acquisition of a foreign company. Download Brochure (PDF)
Canadian Government Departments and Agencies
Business Development Bank BDC
The Business Development Bank of Canada is Canada’s business development bank and the only financial institution dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to help create and develop strong Canadian businesses through financing, consulting services and securitization, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Through our subsidiary—BDC Capital, we also offer a full spectrum of specialized financing, including venture capital, equity as well as growth and business transition capital.
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